Nov. 17th, 2014 07:51 am
hayu_hayu: (Japanese :: Koharu Kusumi)
GodDAMN it's been a while, hasn't it? It's been... like 2 years. lmao. This will be crossposted to LJ as usual, heh.

I've been wanting a lot of lolita dresses lately. Here are the ones I want the most right now:

Haenuli's "Angel of Music" JSK. I want the white version. *_* I hope the L-size is a good enough size for it to be a weight loss goal dress, when I lose 30 or more pounds. It'll take a while, but I believe I can lose this weight.

Angelic Pretty's "Quartet Chocolat" I want the pink JSK. *_*


I have been working on a lot of Kill la Kill fanfiction lately. I'm working on a Ryuko/Nonon fic; another Shiro/Houka fic (I have written and published one a few weeks ago); and two Nonon-centric fics, one involving her discovering and partaking in lolita, and another being an AU where she is an idol. In the two Nonon-centric ones, there's mentions of Satsuki/Nonon but they aren't the focus of the fics.

I have my fifth session of therapy on Thursday. I hope it goes well. I've been trying to practice crisis tolerance. So far I've been somewhat successful, but there's been a few bumps on the road here and there.

JOLIN TSAI'S NEW ALBUM (PLAY) IS FUCKING AMAZING. EASILY ONE OF HER BEST ALBUMS!!! I ordered a copy. I hope it arrives soon after it releases on Friday.

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